[audio] Luciano Berio - Sequenzas for solo instruments

Luciano Berio - Sequenzas for solo instruments

Artist(s): Luciano Berio, Sophie Cherrier, Frédérique Cambreling, Luisa Castellani, Florent Boffard
Release Date: 07 June, 1999

1. Sequenze: Sequenza I for flute
2. Sequenze: Sequenza II for harp
3. Sequenze: Sequenza III for woman's voice
4. Sequenze: Sequenza IV for piano
5. Sequenze: Sequenza V for trombone
6. Sequenze: Sequenza VI for viola
7. Sequenze: Sequenza VII for oboe
8. Sequenze: Sequenza VIII for violin
9. Sequenze: Sequenza IXa for clarinet
10. Sequenze: Sequenza X for trumpet in C and piano resonance
11. Sequenze: Sequenza XI for guitar
12. Sequenze: Sequenza XII for bassoon
13. Sequenze: Sequenza XIII for accordion
14. Sequenze: Sequenza IXb for alto saxophone

copy&paste de por ahí:
Recorded in 1994-97 and released in 1998, this complete collection of Luciano Berio's famous works for solo instruments has won universal accolades, fully deserved. The series began in 1958 with No I for flute and they became increasingly well known with Nos III for his wife Cathy Berberian and V (in memory of Grock) for trombone, each of those two 'a theatre of vocal and instrumental gestures'. They made a huge initial impact and have spurred a whole literature of avant-garde instrumental music for solo instruments.

copy&paste de la wikipedia:

Berio also produced work which does not quote the work of others at all. Perhaps best known among these is his series of works for solo instruments under the name Sequenza. The first, Sequenza I came in 1958 and is for flute; the last, Sequenza XIV (2002) is for cello. These works explore the possibilities of each instrument to the full, often calling for extended techniques.

The various Sequenza are as follows;
* Sequenza I for flute (1958);
* Sequenza II for harp (1963);
* Sequenza III for woman's voice (1965);
* Sequenza IV for piano (1966);
* Sequenza V for trombone (1965);
* Sequenza VI for viola (1967);
* Sequenza VII for oboe (1969);
* sequenza VIIb for soprano saxophone (1993);
* Sequenza VIII for violin (1976);
* Sequenza IX for clarinet (1980);
* sequenza IXb for alto saxophone (1981);
* Sequenza X for trumpet in C and piano resonance (1984);
* Sequenza XI for guitar (1987-88);
* Sequenza XII for bassoon (1995);
* Sequenza XIII for accordion "Chanson" (1995);
* Sequenza XIV for violoncello (2002).