[audio] Music for Theremin - 2006

touch! don't touch! (Music for Theremin) (2006)

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Touch! Don't Touch! - Works For Theremin
Barbara Buchholz / Lydia Kavina / Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Label: WERGO
Country: Germany
Released: 2006
Genre: Classical, Electronic

Cello - Ringela Riemke (tracks: 2, 4 to 7)
Orchestra - Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
Percussion - Dirk Rothbrust (tracks: 1, 3 to 7)
Piano - Heather O’Donnell (tracks: 1 to 7)
Theremin - Barbara Buchholz , Lydia Kavina
Violin - Tobias Rempe (tracks: 2, 4 to 7)

Notes: Eight German and Russian composers were commissioned by Wergo to write original pieces for theremin and instruments.
Canto ostinato, Thereminskie ostrova (Theremin islands), The son of the daughter of Dracula versus the incredible Frankenstein monster (from outer space) for two theremins, piano & percussion.
Vakuum-halluzinationen for two theremins, violin & cello.
Muzyka (Black-and-white) for two theremins, violin, percussion, piano & cello.
Se vuoi for theremin, violin, percussion, piano & cello.
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1 Olga Bochihina Canto Ostinato (6:25)
2 Caspar Johannes Walter Vakuum-Halluzinationen (5:54)
3 Nicolaus Richter De Vroe Thereminskie Ostrova (8:02)
4 Michael Hirsch Rezitativ Und Arie (7:20)
5 Juliane Klein Se Vuoi (5:38)
6 Vladimir Nikolaev Cherno-Belaja Muzyka (8:03)
7 Moritz Eggert The Son Of The Daughter Of Dracula Versus The Incredible Frankenstein Monster (From Outer Space) (8:42)
8 Iraida Yusupova Kitezh–19 (9:13)

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