[audio] M. Feldman - Early and Unknown Piano Works

Morton Feldman - Early and Unknown Piano Works (2003)

I. First Piano Sonata [to Bela Bartok] (1943) 5:57
II. Preludio (1944) 2:35
III. Self Portrait (1945) 3:54
IV. Three Dances (1950) 1:56; 2:19; 2:53
V. For Cynthia (195?) 0:49
VI. Two Pieces for Three Pianos (1966) 19:14; 15:16

One of the oddball records in my Feldman collection, simply because this is what came first and as the above excerpt may intimate, there is no precedent for it among the rest of his output. The earliest piece here dates from when Feldman was only 17 years old, for crying out loud! An essential for Feldman completists like myself, I'd caution it for casual fans, and especially if you've never heard any other Feldman or if you're trying to see what the fuss is about, look to any other news post about him here on Avax first!