[audio] Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor - The Eighth (1989)

“Taylor's art confronts nature so organically because it embraces the same attitudes, makes the same demands. Rejecting frivolous entertainment, it is ritual--a rite of creation that accepts paradox as it attempts to transcend it" ~ Art Lange

Pianist, composer, and educator. Leader of jazz group, 1953--; released debut LP, Jazz Advance, 1956; performed at Five Spot Cafe, New York City, 1956; led onstage band in play The Connection, 1960; toured Europe, 1962; organized Jazz Composers Guild, 1964; recorded with Jazz Composers orchestra, 1968; played for Maeght Foundation, France, 1969, and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, 1972; performed in ensembles and as a solo artist at various jazz festivals, including Newport, 1957 and 1972, Great South Bay, 1958, Montreux, 1974, and Kool Jazz, 1984; two-piano performance with Mary Lou Williams, Carnegie Hall, 1977; performed with ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov; composed short ballet Tetra Stomp: Eatin' Rain in Space, 1979; performed for President Jimmy Carter at the White House, 1979 (one source says 1978). Instructor in music, University of Wisconsin, 1970-71; Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH, 1972-74; and Glassboro State College, NJ. [more info here]


Cecil Taylor - Boesendorfer piano
Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
William Parker - double bass
Rashid Bakr - drums

1. Calling it The 8th (57:40)
2. Calling it The 9th (10:51)

Recorded live November 8th, 1981 at Freiburger Jazztage Freiburg, Germany;