[text] Signal Processing in Acoustics 2009

Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics
Springer 2009 | ISBN-10: 0387776982 | 1950 Pages | PDF | 32 MB


The Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics will compile the techniques and applications of signal processing as they are used in the many varied areas of Acoustics. The Handbook will emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of signal processing in acoustics. Each Section of the Handbook will present topics on signal processing which are important in a specific area of acoustics. These will be of interest to specialists in these areas because they will be presented from their technical perspective, rather than a generic engineering approach to signal processing. Non-specialists, or specialists from different areas, will find the self-contained chapters accessible and will be interested in the similarities and differences between the approaches and techniques used in different areas of acoustics. The Handbook will have many illustrations, tables, and key equations. Signal processing techniques which find major application in different areas of acoustics will be presented from differing perspectives. There will be an extensive index for cross-referencing of material in the book.

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