[audio] "Recomposed" by Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald

Music by Maurice Ravel y Modest Mussorgsky
13 octobre 2008 | Deutsche Grammophon
formato: Ape


It’s a match made in heaven. Two of the most innovative and influential producers of electronic music join forces for a very special project.
For the last few months Detroit legend Carl Craig and Berlin’s dub-techno originator Moritz von Oswald have been busy recomposing three pieces from an original recording of the Berlin philharmonic orchestra from 1987, conducted by Helmut Karajan.
The quite simply breathtaking result will hit the shops on October 17th as the third part of the ’ReComposed’ series (Mathias Arfmann and Jimi Tenor were responsible for the first two parts) on Germany’s renowned jazz label ’Deutsche Grammophon’.
Having to chose from the immense back catalogue of Deutsche Grammophon, the pair finally decided to recompose one of the biggest classical hits around: Maurice Ravel’s ’Bolero’.
But not just that, they also recomposed Ravel’s ’Rapsodie Espagnola’ and Modest Mussorgsky’s ’Bilder einer Ausstellung’.
As mentioned before, those three piece were taken from an original recording from 1987, and Craig and von Oswald had the original multitracks at their disposal.
To recompose a classical standard like ’Bolero’ is a huge challenge, but Moritz von Oswald (who studied classical music) and Carl Craig show their combined musical skills.
Reducing and abstracting the three classical pieces to their bare bones and creating something entirely new, while at the same time staying close to the original.
I wonder what people with a more classical background will make of this project.
Of all the attempts to fuse electronic and classical music (Jeff Mills ’Blue Potential’ or Maxence Cyrins ’Modern Rhapsodies’ for instance), to me, this is the most hypnotic and persuasive.

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