[agenda] charhizma night in bs as

charhizma night in buenos aires
El Sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010 a las 22:00
en Una Casa, Humberto 1º entre Bolivar & Perú, San Telmo.

Lucio Capece & Werner Dafeldecker (AR/A)
Lawrence English & Stepan Mathieu (AUS/D)
Ceciplay (AR)

Lucio Capece: sax, b-cl, electronics

Born in Argentina based in Berlin since 2004.
Plays bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, and Sruti Box.
He plays mainly self-composed and improvised music, focusing in the time experience and the perception experience as main subjects.
Capece shares projects with Mika Vainio, Toshimaru Nakamura, Axel Dorner, Kevin Drumm, Robin Hayward, Rhodri Davies, Burkhard Beins, Mattin, Julia Eckhardt, Franz Hautzinger, Domenico Sciajno, Sergio Merce, and Christian Kesten, releasing CD’s with several of them.
He played and shared several projects with Radu Malfatti, Keith Rowe, Taku Sugimoto, and Sean Meehan among others, and was part of projects, as a performer, with Phill Niblock, Christian Wolff and Pauline Oliveros, with the Q-O2 Ensemble.

Werner Dafeldecker: bass, electronics

born 1964 in vienna, austria
background - european modern music and improvisation. examination of graphical notations, fluxus, minimal music, electroacoustic music, jazz and field recordings. his musical projects are often inspired and decuced by outside influences such as architecture, physics, photography and film. longtime sound and structure studies and the formulation of distinct articulations are in the center of his work as a composer and musician and are parallel to technological developements often connected with with electronic formats.
projects with Chet Baker, Fennesz, Sunny Murray, Jim O´Rourke, David Sylvian, Polwechsel, Christof Kurzmann, Patrick Pulsinger, Dean Roberts, Martin Brandlmayr, John Tilbury, Eugene Chadbourne, ...
lives in berlin.

Lawrence English: electronics

Lawrence English is media artist, composer and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. English utilises a variety of approaches including live performance, installation and found sound/vision to create works that generate subtle transformation of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.
played with: Francisco López, Tom Hall, Tujiko Noriko, John Chantler, Domenico Sciajno, Philip Samartzis, David Toop, Scanner
Lawrence also curates the burgeoning ROOM40 label and organises numerous events.

Stepan Mathieu: electronics

Stephan Mathieu works in the fields of digital art and electroacoustics, mainly as a self taught composer and performer of his own music. He creates audio installations, works as a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer, and taught Digital Arts and Theory at the HBKSaar University of Art and Design in Saarbrücken and as a guest lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts in Göteborg, the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Merz-Akademie in Stuttgart.
Since 1999 his music has been released on 16 albums and several compilations on numerous international music labels, most notably on Die Schachtel, spekk, Häpna, Orthlorng Musork, Mille Plateaux, Ritornell, Fällt, Headz, Cronica and Lucky Kitchen. In addition to his solo work he cooperated with Akira Rabelais, Taylor Deupree, Douglas Benford, John Hudak, Ekkehard Ehlers and Janek Schaefer.

Ceciplay: electronics

Cecilia Castro nació en Catamarca, vivió casi toda su vida en Córdoba y desde hace unos 8 años que reside y trabaja en Buenos Aires; en Córdoba integró los grupos In Vino Veritas y Ad.Nemo y fundó Tóxido Max junto a Florencia de Ibáñez, grupo que continuó en Bs As hasta hace unos años. Es Licenciada en Composición con Medios Electroacústicos por la Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (2005). Su trabajo ha recibido premios y menciones del Centro Cultural San Martín y el Espacio de la Fundación Telefónica. Presentó piezas de música electrónica y para medios mixtos en Argentina, Perú, Estados Unidos y Canadá. Realizó trabajos sonoros para la directora de cine Lucrecia Martel y para el diseñador de indumentaria Pablo Ramírez.