[convocatoria] di_stanze 2014 - Community festival of sound arts

Call for works
fecha límite:  Julio / Septiembre 2014 según la categoría

Texto extraído de: http://www.distanze.org/en

CIMA presents the 4th edition of di_stanze (Community festival of sound arts). This festival is travelling and includes a web of organizations led by a common aim: the experimentation on sound and arts and their spreading through internet. The artists can present their own works by referring to the international call for works, which is divided into different categories. Each organization will be in charge of the selection of the works related to a single or more categories. The travelling festival will take place in the space of a whole year (2014). CIMA hopes to involve, as years go by, an ever-increasing number of organizations with the aim of dealing with and investigating various kinds of genres, so our association will be able to meet different tastes and to foster people’s discovery of new languages. Internet is the ideal adventure companion thanks to whom it is possible to travel through ether from end to end of the world just with the aim of KNOWING. Follow us and multiply in LIVE STREAMING! 
Massimo Carlentini - Director of di_stanze
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