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The Microphone Book, Second Edition, Focal Press, John Eargle
"From mono to stereo to surround - a guide to microphone design and application"
 Pages: 368 | PDF | 7,75 MB (zipfile)


John Eargle provides detailed analysis of the different types of microphones available. He then addresses their application through practical examples of actual recording sessions and studio operations. Surround sound is covered from both a creative and a technical viewpoint.

This classic reference takes the reader into the studio or concert hall to see how performers are positioned and how the best microphone array is determined. Problem areas such as reflections, studio leakage and isolation are analyzed from practical viewpoints. Creative solutions to such matters as stereo sound staging, perspective, and balance are also covered in detail. Recording and sound reinforcement engineers at all levels of expertise will find The Microphone Book an invaluable resource for learning the 'why' as well as the 'how' of choosing a microphone for any situation.  

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