[video] Varchausky - SPK

Nicolás Varchausky -
SPK [Sound Performing Kiosk]
is a music performance project that takes the form of an autarchic performing device. It develops the core ideas of the Catch 22 project where the speaker is regarded not as an object that reproduces sound but as an object that generates it and creates an electronic instrument that can be performed live. Holding two wireless mics in his hands, the performer transforms the emerging sound in real time acoustically by moving through the space and changing dramatically the angle of the microphones and digitally by means of Super Collider. An RF system is currently under development to map the body of the performer in three dimensions and use it to further control the sound. This self-contained sonic node is designed in such a way that it can be performed in any venue or site, since the structure supports its own sound and lighting system.