[audio] VA - Music From The ONCE Festival (1961-1966)


DISC 1: 1961
1: Robert Ashley - Sonata
2: Donald Scavarda - Groups for Piano
3: George Cacioppo - String Trio
4: Roger Reynolds - Epigram and Evolution
5: Gordon Mumma - Sinfonia for 12 Instruments and Magnetic Tape
6: Donald Scavarda - In the Autumn Mountains
7: Bruce Wise - Two Pieces for Piano and Chamber Group
8: Robert Ashley - The Fourth of July
DISC 2: 1962
1: Donald Scavarda - Matrix for Clarinetist
2: Roger Reynolds - Wedge
3: Gordon Mumma - Meanwhile, A Twopiece
4: Donald Scavarda - Sounds for Eleven
5: Gordon Mumma - From Gestures II
6: George Cacioppo - Bestiary I - Eingang
7: Robert Ashley - Details (2b)
8: Robert Sheff (aka Blue Gene Tyranny) - Ballad
DISC 3: 1962–63
1: Gordon Mumma - Large Size Mograph
2: Robert Ashley - Fives
3: Gordon Mumma - A Quarter of Fourpiece
4: George Cacioppo - Two Worlds
5: Roger Reynolds - Mosaic
6: George Cacioppo - Pianopieces 1-3
7: Roger Reynolds - A Portrait of Vanzetti
8: Gordon Mumma - Greys
DISC 4: 1963–1964
1: Philip Krumm - Music for Clocks
2: Robert Sheff - Diotima
3: George Crevoshay - 7PTPC
4: Donald Scavarda - Landscape Journey
5: George Cacioppo - Advance of the Fungi
6: Robert Ashley - in memoriam … Crazy Horse
DISC 5: 1964–1966
1: Bruce Wise - Music for Three
2: George Cacioppo - Time on Time in Miracles
3: David Behrman - Track
4: Pauline Oliveros - Applebox Double
5: Robert Ashley - Quartet

With all the press about the Woodstock anniversary ... who remembers ONCE? The ONCE Group was a collection of musicians, visual artists, architects, and film-makers who wished to create an environment in which artists could explore and share techniques and ideas in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The group was responsible for hosting the ONCE Festival of New Music in Ann Arbor between 1961 and 1966. It was founded in part by Ann Arborite, Anne Wehrer, who died March 22, 2007 in San Francisco; Robert Ashley was the director.

During the years the festival was active, a number of avant-garde composers’ works were performed. Composers represented include: Robert Ashley, Pauline Oliveros, David Behrman, George Cacioppo, George Crevoshay, Donald Scavarda, Roger Reynolds, Gordon Mumma, Bruce Wise, Robert Sheff (aka 'Blue' Gene Tyranny), and Philip Krumm. The compositions and the performances pushed the limits of expectation and served as a laboratory for the development of new approaches in both acoustic and electronic music.

There are five archives in the Rapidshare LinkList (accessed by clicking on the artwork above); the discs are in separate archives and can be decompressed separately. Enjoy!

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