[audio] Anthony Burr y Charles Curtis - Alvin Lucier (Antiopic, 2005)


"A sublime collection of interpretations of Alvin Lucier works by cellist Charles Curtis and clarinettist Anthony Burr, this is an album characterised by intense discipline and concentration, gently establishing relationships between micro-intervals and harmonic relationships using prolonged tones. Despite covering an eighteen-year period of composition (1984-2002) the selections fit together brilliantly thanks to the careful and attentive performances by the two musicians, and marking the ultimate endorsement, Lucier actually composed one of these pieces - the most recent - for Curtis specifically, It transpires to be among the most beautiful and expressive pieces here, matching cello drones against slowly re-pitching oscillators, all creating a wonderfully resonant strobing effect. Highly recommended. "-info from boomkat

fuente: http://pavidsson.blogspot.com/