[convocatoria] 4 vacantes disponibles en el IRCAM - Urgente

4 vacantes disponibles en el IRCAM - Desarrolladores e Investigadores - Urgente

IRCAM is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to musical production, R&D and education in acoustics and music. The organization is located in the center of Paris (France), next to the Pompidou Center. It hosts composers, researchers and studen from many countries cooperating in contemporary music production, scientific and applied research. The main topics addressed its R&D Department are acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio synthesis and processing, computer-aided composition, user interfaces, real-time systems, sound design, human cognition, musicology.

Detailed activities of IRCAM and its groups are presented on our WWW server:

JOB TITLE : Software developer in signal processing applied to music

JOB DESCRIPTION : Full-time position for a software developer (4 months). The aim is to develop a prototype application, in collaboration with an industrial partner, based of audio processing of singing. The main specific aims are: - The integration of C/C++ software libraries using an API provided by the industrial partner under Windows. - The creation of simple algorithms and adjustment of settings for the specific needs of the applications. - Tests and validation of the application

 •     Solid background in C/C++
 •     Strong familiarity with OSX, Windows and Linux
 •     Musical knowledge and/or practices of digital audio technologies
 •     Familiar with audio signal processing
 •     Good communication and collaborative skills

 AVAILABILITY : The position is for October 1st to January 2012 in the Real-time Musical Interaction team of the R&D Department at IRCAM. For foreign candidates, to be able to begin at once, you will have to have the necessary working papers to be able to work in France. Extensions of the contract may be proposed according to the result of this first development phase.

 DURATION : 4 months, with possible extension according to the results of this first development phase

 SALARY : According to background and experience.

 LOCATION : IRCAM is located in the center of Paris (FRANCE), and next to the Pompidou Museum for Modern Art. 1 Place Igor Stravinsky, 75004 PARIS, FRANCE

 TO APPLY : Send your application letter with a resume including your qualifications and pertinent information by email to : frederic.bevilacqua@ircam.fr, Object : Voice developer position

 JOB TITLE: Researcher and Developer for the Audio2Note (A2N) Project

 A full time researcher position is immediately available in the analysis/synthesis team of IRCAM.

 The Analysis/Synthesis team is researching and developing new and advanced algorithms for sound signal anal synthesis and transformation. The A2N project aims to establish signal processing libraries for accessing individual note polyphonic possibly multichannel audio signals. The algorithm is based on a C++ implémentation of an algorithm for mul fundamental frequency estimation that has been developed previously in the Analysis/Synthesis team. The objective of position is to finalize, evaluate and optimize the current implementation and to conduct research and development of the library for a number of applications in the context of different software environments.

 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TASKS: The candidate will perform the following tasks: o conduct research into algorithmic improvements of the existing      algorithms o conduct research into adaptations as well as extensions of the existing    algorithms for new applications. o supervise students working on problems related to the A2N project o evaluation of existing and newly developed algorithms o design, implement and continually improve the library and the corresponding API for integration into different soft applications. o communicate with other developers to ensure a smooth integration of the library in existing software environments. o testing of the library. o create and distribute demo packages and beta releases for testing purposes. o handling of user feedback. o prepare software releases.

 o Excellent knowledge of digital audio signal processing algorithms
 o Several years of experience with signal processing algorithms covering the fields: polyphonic fundamental freque estimation, spectral masking, signal separation, spectral domain representations, sinusoidal models.
 o Excellent knowledge and multiple years of experience with the MATLAB programming environment.
 o Good knowledge and experience of C++ and C programming language.
 o Experience with STL.
 o Interest for music. o High productivity, methodical and autonomous work, creativity, good communication skills, and excellent programming style.

 AVAILABILITY: The position is available in the "Analysis/Synthesis" team in the R&D department starting as soon as possible.

 DURATION The initial contract is for 6-8 months, a prolongation of the contract is intended. It will depend on the results obtained during initial working period.

 SALARY: According to background and experience.

 TO APPLY: - Please send your resume with qualifications and other pertinent information preferably by email to:
 Axel.Roebel@ircam.fr (Axel Roebel, Head of the Analysis/Synthesis team)
 or by fax at: (33 1) 44 78 15 40, to Axel Roebel
 or by surface mail to: Axel Roebel, IRCAM, 1 Place Stravinsky, 75004 Paris.

 JOB TITLE: Post-doc - Hierarchical object based unsupervised learning for machine listening

 RECRUITEMENT DATE: as soon as possible

 DURATION: 8 months

 DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: Despite recent advances in machine perception, largely due to advances in machine learning techniques, much remains to be d in the field of Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA), which aims at bringing mechanisms of the human auditory syste machine perception by automatically understanding an auditory scene through identification and description of sound sour CASA is today an active research field at the intersection of audio processing and machine learning.
 The prospective researcher will study with the supervisor the potential of novel unsupervised learning techniques to tackle r world CASA problems as part of an ANR project entitled Hierarchical Object based Unsupervised Learning (HOULE). In this proj our approach tries to benefit from the schemes of existing CASA approaches: first, to tackle the intrinsic hierarchical structur audio scenes (atoms gather into sound objects that are instances of classes such as "Piano C4 notes", itself an example of "Pi note"); and second, to benefit from the redundancy present at many levels of the hierarchy. This redundancy will potentially let identify templates upon which to build a robust and meaningful representation.

 EXPECTED PROFILE: Candidates must hold or be about to defend a PhD in audio signal processing and/or statistical machine learning. Proficient co in Matlab and C++ is necessary.

 SALARY: depending on experience and education

 APPLICATION: Applications including a resume must be sent before September 9, 2011 preferably by email to Mathieu Lagrange : lagrange@ircam.fr

 JOB TITLE : Android API Developer for Real-Time Music Applications

 A 4-6 month full-time position for the development of the latest  real-time polyphonic score following and automatic accompaniment modules for Android applications.

 The principal task is to prepare and optimize the existing C++ API for Android third-party applications and in collaboration with other members of the score following group.

 The position is available immediately in the Musical representations team in the R&D Department at IRCAM. Foreign candidates must have the necessary working papers to be able to work in France to be able to begin at once.


       • Solid background in software design principles and best practices
       • Strong familiarity with C++ and Android SDK and NDK development
       • Familiarity with music and audio programming on Android
       • Ability to read and understand Western music notation
       • Practice of collaborations with artists and scientists
       • Familiar with MIDI and MusicXML score formats
       • Experience with real-time programming and optimization on tablet and mobile devices
       • Familiar with real-time signal processing and machine learning for audio applications
      • Familiar with real-time scheduling issues in API design

 According to background and experience.

 Send your resume with qualifications and pertinent information by email before 15 September 2011 to Arshia Cont, arshia.cont@ircam.fr.